Check Conversion


E=MC2 is proud to provide merchants with the latest state-of-the-art technology, CrossCheck Conversion Plus. This new service from CrossCheck makes taking checks as simple and fast as taking credit cards. With each authorized check, funds are electronically processed and automatically deposited into the merchant’s account. And since conversion alone can’t preclude NSF items, we have enhanced the service to include guarantee. 


Our Check Conversion service automates the check process, expedites funds availability and reduces bank charges such as return check fees. Funds are automatically placed into the merchant’s account, reducing the need to fill-out daily deposit slips and travel to the bank. CrossCheck Conversion Plus also eliminates the chance of loss from robbery, since store personnel make the deposit for checks the same as for credit cards (from the terminal). This allows consolidation of funds for multi-location merchants. And, of course, no time is wasted in long lines at the bank. 

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