Check Guarantee


Providing the right payment choices for your customers is very important in today's competitive marketplace. A check guarantee service can be a simple and economical way to increase revenue at your place of business. Checks are a popular form of payment and are the preferred non-cash payment method at the retail point-of-sale. If you limit check payments you may be limiting sales. A check guarantee service from E=MC2 will let you accept checks easily and quickly from your customers, without worry. 

With our guarantee service your business can accept out-of-town and out-of-state checks, even checks from Canada and all U.S. territories, safely and with less risk. With a guarantee service in place, checks are approved at the point-of-sale in seconds following our simple instructions. If an approved check is returned from the bank unpaid, it can be submitted to CrossCheck for processing and reimbursement allowing you to concentrate on sales, not on collections. Training, supplies and account information is available at any time, for no charge.

* Highest approvals in the industry
* Terminal, phone and Internet approval systems
* 24/7/365 customer service at no additional charge
* Simple claim submittal
* State-of-the-art authorization technology
* Acceptance of checks from the U.S., all U.S. territories and Canada
* Premium programs for additional coverage
* Approval on business checks

* Subject to the terms and conditions of the Service Agreement. 

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