Recurring Billing



A recurring billing service provides convenience for you and your customers. Our service enables you to automatically process payments from your customers according to a pre-set weekly, semi-monthly or monthly schedule. Membership fees, monthly dues and many other recurring check payments can be easily processed and automatically deposited to your account with this service in place.

Recurring billing can mean better customer service, reduced invoice costs, more predictable revenue and fewer trips to the bank. It’s easy to get started, create schedules and check account activity online.



Recurring Billing FAQ
Why should I use a recurring billing service work?
With a recurring billing service in place, you will be able to automatically process regularly scheduled check payments from your customers without going to the bank. Customers don’t need to send you a check each time; the service electronically processes the payments according to the schedule you set up. This helps eliminate late or missed payments and can reduce the paperwork involved with preparing invoices, deposits and reminder notices.

How do I get started?
Once you’ve signed up with our service, our 24/7 customer service will train you and your staff on how to easily enter customer accounts, customer check information and schedule dates. Accounts can be updated and added to at any time. You will log-in on to our secure merchant support web site to view your account activity, including funding and payment schedules.

Do I need special software or equipment?
Our service has been designed so no additional software is needed. You’ll have 24/7 access to the service through our web site using your secure PIN and store number. To set up a customer for recurring billing, you will need a check imager installed on your PC in order to scan their check into our system. Our service is compatible with a variety of imagers.

Is customer service included?
We have live customer service available to assist you at any time, at no additional charge. They can help with customer set-up, account questions or initial and on-going training.

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